Rails 7.0alpha2 Test-drive

I thought it would be fun to test the new alpha version of rails - but I always forget how to do this without upgrading an existing projects. Discover the Rails Pre-release versions gem list rails --remote --prerelease -e –remote - checks the rubygems site - not the locally installed versions –prerelease - find pre-release versions -e - use an exact match (many packages have rails in the name).

Rails 6.1 with TailwindCSS 2.0 and AlpineJS

Intro TailwindCSS is a very flexible CSS framework and makes it easy to customize unique web pages and animations. Unfortunately, with Rails its a bit tricky to install and configure with Rails Standards.

Install and Configure Rails

Intro To document is mostly for me – at least until I automate my setup defaults. However, I am glad to share and get ideas from others too. I will build a little calendar app I use with friends (it’s focused on being mobile friendly and easy to use – not a full featured calendar).